Alien Invasion In UAE! Mysterious Hole In Al Ain Sky Baffles Netizens

Mysterious Hole In Al Ain Sky Baffles Netizens

A very unusual and rare hole was spotted over the United Arab Emirates and this unique phenomenon has generated a variety of theories online, with people fearing that it might be an extra-terrestrial invasion. UAE residents were baffling over the weekend after witnessing a mysterious-looking hole in the sky above the city of Al Ain.

The figure was filmed and photographed by multiple social media users, who couldn’t help but wonder whether it was an alien invasion, a UFO parking space. One Arabic-speaking netizen even suggested that it looked “as if God has thrown a stone into a lake”, but scientists were quick to unravel the mystery, explaining that the phenomenon was neither divine nor extra-terrestrial.

It is a “fallstreak hole” or “hole punch cloud”, which occur when supercool water droplets that have not yet frozen blend with ice crystals caused by planes passing through the cloud. The ice crystals then start to fall, causing droplets to evaporate, which leaves a massive hole in the middle of the cloud.

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