Bizarre Alien Sea Creatures Captured By Instagram Famous Russian Fisherman


The Instagram famous Russian fisherman who has built a significant fan following with unique photographs of the bizarre alien sea monsters that get caught in his net is back on dry land with a fresh haul of terrifying creatures from the deep sea.

Roman Fedortsov, who works on a trawler based out of Murmansk in northwest Russia, has racked up hundreds of thousands of social media followers with his enlightening posts featuring some of the most peculiar beings on the planet.

This week, he delighted his legions of fans by revealing that he is back on dry land and has more fantastic freaks to share. Once again, the photos have the power to shock viewers as the otherworldly fish have completely alien appearances. Some of the terrifying creatures look like they got caught in Fedortsov’s net while on their way back from his latest sea adventure.

His photos have even inspired fan art, with admirers sending him their dramatic interpretations of his astonishing catches. Fedortsov is from Murmansk Oblast in the northwest of Russia. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the city boasts the only ice-free port in the Arctic. He routinely spends long periods of the year fishing around the world.

His unique pics have once more sparked huge reaction online with many curious about why the creatures have such unusual features. “What the heck is that thing on the end of its tentacle?” one person asked, while another simply said: “Alien.” But the mystery remains and will continue to baffle his curious followers.

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