Aliens on Moon! Three Mystery Objects Captured Roaming Around Moon


A space enthusiast who was recently filming the moon as any other night was left baffled when three mystery flying objects floated past it. He was shocked and posted the video on YouTube, asking a simple question – “WTF?”

The video begins with the camera focused on the moon and its signature craters. However, at the 1:18 mark, three strange objects can be seen dancing past the moon.

It happens quickly, and they rapidly disappear out of frame. But their appearance was enough to leave the man intrigued and confused. So confused that he titled his video ‘WTF did I capture passing the moon?’

He believes it was most likely helium balloons that someone released, but admits the theory cannot be confirmed. Others commented that they agreed with the balloon logic, while some suggested they could have been meteorites. One person nonchalantly responded with “Oh you know, just aliens probably.”

The video was filmed during the half moon on April 22 and was posted by YouTuber Don’t Stop Motion.

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