Birthday cakes banned by primary school

Birthday cakes banned by Blackpool primary school

Birthday cake

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The school said teachers were not able to account for the ingredients in the cakes

Birthday cakes have been banned by a primary school because teachers "do not have time" to check ingredients for pupils with allergies.

The ruling was posted in a newsletter on the website of Norbreck Primary Academy in Blackpool.

Parents were told cakes taken into school would be "sent home uneaten".

Head teacher Karen McCarter wrote: "I hate to be a killjoy… there are many reasons for this, some of them serious."

She added: "We are not able to account for the ingredients in the cake, we could therefore unknowingly give a product to a child to which they are allergic.

"Even if we had a list of ingredients, in a busy school day, it is too much to expect teachers to read ingredient lists and then decide who can and who cannot eat the product."

'Cake disruptions'

Mrs McCarter also told parents: "In our modern society in which we are held accountable, we cannot take the risk."

In a statement the head teacher said cakes were rarely brought into school in the past but it was now happening so regularly the school day was disrupted.

She added: "I am sure that parents appreciate that a teacher's time is best spent educating their children rather than cutting up cake, handing it out and cleaning up afterwards.

"Also as many cakes are home-made the ingredients are unknown which could potentially lead to problems for children with allergies. "

Mrs McCarter said all children were "made to feel special when it is their birthday and the class teachers ensure that all birthdays are remembered and celebrated".

A Department for Education spokeswoman said each school had to be aware of a child's allergies and decide on appropriate policies.

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