Bizarre Inter-Dimensional Portals In The Skies Over Oslo


A bizarre YouTube video uploaded by Frank Klever claims to have found evidence of Inter-dimensional time portals opening right in the Skies over Oslo, Norway, he lifts the lid on what could be the biggest scientific breakthrough of the modern era.

The video in question, simply titled ‘Time Travel Is Real. Evidence Provided Here’, alleges to show tears in the space-time continuum in the skies over Oslo, Norway. According to Mr. Klever’s audacious claims, “seeing is believing”. In the video, Mr Klever says: “I’m going to show you something very strange and very cool.

“We are talking about time travel here today people and I’m going to prove that time travel is very, very real.”In the video the YouTuber pulls out still images of what appear to pink blobs and streaks of light on a blue background, taken over Oslo on November 24, 2015. The time travel enthusiast claims that what the viewers are looking at are “two inter-dimensional portals” in the skies – and something is coming through.

The conspiracists brazenly say: “These are all interdimensional or multidimensional light beings.”


Mr. Klever refers to the multi-colored sources of light as “energies” or “angels” though he concedes “you can call them whatever you like”. He says: “Of course all of this is invisible to the eye, because of this combination of different filters that I applied, which brings it all out. “But today’s theme is not just looking at pretty things, I’m going to show you time travel people.”

Pointing to the various shapes and blobs in the video with his cursor, Mr Klever goes on to reveal a “tube structure” used as a “transportation system” by the light beings.

He points out the portals supposedly change position every few seconds and move around all the time. The conspiracist then indicates a bird-shaped object in the image and stresses the importance of the animal’s presence in the picture. He says: “This bird is flying from the right to the left, but the time does not reflect the bird’s position. The clock is ticking the wrong way.

“I want you to notice the time stamp here which is 22:21:19, as you can see, OK. “Look at the position of the bird right there. What are we looking at? Well, you can see now that the bird is now further to the right in this frame which is impossible because it is flying from right to left and the time is going forward not backward. “Is this proof of time travel? That’s the question.”

But as incredible as the video and its subject may be, it is hard to consider it anything more than conspiracy theory hogwash rambling. There is nothing in the provided photos to suggest the colorful blobs are more than heavily edited clouds, and the only evidence to suggest the bird has indeed ‘time traveled’ is the good word of Mr. Klever.

Scientists have long debated the possibility of time travel and the question still weighs heavily on the minds of the world’s top physicists. According to NASA’s space boffins, time travel into the future appears to be a realistic probability but moving back in time seems to be a dead end. The US space agency said: “In the past few years, some scientists have used those distortions in space-time to think of possible ways time machines could work.

“Some like the idea of “wormholes,” which may be shortcuts through space-time. This and other ideas are wonderfully interesting, but we don’t know at this point whether they are possible for real objects. “Still the ideas are based on good, solid science.

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