Bizarre UFO sightings over USA in past 48 hours


THE NUFORC(NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER)has been inundated with a spate of bizarre UFO sightings said to have happened in the past 48 hours across the US.

There are approximately 101 new reports, submitted since the afternoon of Thursday, November 09th. The shocking events include the sighting of 25 orbs, what looked like a “flying bus,” and a triangle UFO tailed by military helicopters as reported by the official website of NUFORC.

Events started in Texas, on Saturday morning, an unnamed witness filed a report about two high-speed bright lights, in an undisclosed location. Next a triangle UFO with central orange light was seen being tailed by military helicopters over Springfield, Missouri, also on Saturday. There were SIX further UFO sightings as reported.

A witness said they and a friend also saw two bright orbs over Plum City, Wisconsin, on Sunday.They both watched as they discussed it on mobile phones.The report said: “I realised that what I was looking at was something that I have never seen before.

“Shocked, I stood there and watched the whole time still talking with my friend on the cell phone as we both viewed the two orbs that were hovering in the sky then one before the other dimmed out of sight.”

Yesterday, a witness in Grand Forks, North Dakota, also saw two bright lights. Their report said: “I’m still trying to figure out what these lights in the sky were.”I’m in the city limits, but around eight or 8.30pm, I saw two more stars moving in the sky.”I just came inside right now to report that. What is it?”I never heard about this from anyone else. “it’s amazing, I wish I had a good camera or at least some night vision binoculars.”

The same night a witness in Dover, Pennsylvania, reported: “I was looking up at the stars then noticed something bright shoot from a star up and disappear.”In Hillsboro, Oregon, a witness claimed to see “six objects below the clouds rotating around each other.”

The report said: “My wife pointed out a group of lights, possible reflection of sunlight off the objects, which were ahead of us and underneath the cloud canopy. “There were more than six objects rotating, diving, climbing around each other.”

Yesterday, in broad daylight, two people claim to have seen the bizarre spectacle of 25 blue or white bubble-like orbs with wings that were in a formation together, over Kansas City, also in Missouri.The report said: “Plain as day and clear as a bell we saw 25 orbs in a frenzy and all working the same area.

“These objects or orbs were kind of clear to blue in colour. “They initially looked to be big bubbles and then my friend and I both noticed that these orbs had small wedge-like wings on them. “Kind of like a bubble with sharp V-shaped wings attached to the centre of the orbs.”

An equally bizarre sighting was reported by a couple in Mississippi.Their report said: “My boyfriend was driving along Goodman Road (302) through Horn Lake, Desoto County, Mississippi towards Olive Branch, Desoto County, Mississippi. “It was around midnight. I noticed lights in the sky coming from the south east. “We noticed the aircraft was flying very low and slow. “It flew low and slow like a helicopter, however we had the sun roof open and could hear no noise.

“It was a rectangular black box shape similar to a bus which was very visible as it crossed the road. “There were what appeared to be four orange-yellow lights on both sides, all spaced apart in a straight line. “We both dismissed it as some secret military aircraft probably headed to Memphis, TN or some other airport.”

NUFORC admits, “the newly posted reports have been proof-read by us, but we were under time pressure at the time, so there may well be mistakes, oversights, and overt hoaxes among the new reports, which escaped our attention. Hence, please be remain skeptical as you read the reports.”

In the meanwhile, a Mysterious footage posted on the you tube which shows Three UFOs leaving Earth before NASA unexpectedly cuts the ISS(in orbit) live Feed.

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