Blue Alien Ships Seen Dancing In The Sky Over Moscow


A surprising video footage of bright blue lights swirling in the Moscow sky has stormed Russian social media. Most people and conspiracy theorist are sure to believe they were alien ships. There is no official explanation of this event from government till now.

The footage was published on YouTube last week and is an atrocity really, because who shoots a vertical video nowadays? taken somewhere in the southern part of the capital, it’s boldly titled: UFOs over Moscow. The author said he “saw it and my mind was blown.”

The mind-blowing visage is two groups of lights, one hanging in a triangle shape and another running in circles. They look like a disco lighting or an advertising hitting low clouds. In fact even the director of the Astronomy Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences said they’re just a reflection. But obviously this mundane explanation seems unconvincing to social media users.

Many users also suggested that it was a secret test for Vladimir Putin’s motorcade, which presumably would soon become airborne.

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