Boston Dynamics Robot Dog ‘Uptown spot’ Mocks Humanity By Shaking His Booty


Boston Dynamics an American engineering and robotics design company has released a video of its latest robot dog Uptown Spot dancing and shaking booty. The clip is so cute but it also raises concerns that robots can’t just outrun, out-flip, and out-lift humans but they can out-dance us too.

The robot moonwalks, twerks, and otherwise displays a solid command of human dance moves, which it has obviously been studying when we thought we had escaped its prying eyes. Spot’s new moves debuted not long after Boston Dynamics’ more humanoid model, the Atlas, scared us all with its parkour skills.

Boston Dynamics plans to market a miniature version of Spot starting next year and has tried to put our fear of robot uprisings at ease by showing the robot dog performing menial tasks like dish washing.

No doubt that the latest versions of these robots can also cooperate and work together to complete any complex human task and possibly one day they will be a possible threat to humanity but for god’s sake, let’s hope they stick to dancing for a while.

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