Can Mars Support Life? Space Sperm Bank, A Step Closure to Colonization of Mars Planet

women only Colonization of Mars planet

‘Colonization of Mars and Colonization of Moon as a plan B for Humankind’ are some of the recent viral tweets of many tech entrepreneurs including Elon Musk. Elon Musk’s Twitter account is flooded with his weird thoughts and Mars facts. Meanwhile, researchers are one step closure and paving the way for the possibility of reproducing in space.

The study at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Austria, suggests that there is a “possibility of creating a human sperm bank in space”. To confirm this, researchers exposed the frozen material from 10 healthy donors to microgravity with a small aerobatic aircraft and then analyzed its fertility, studying concentration, motility and DNA fragmentation. As it turned out, “space sperm” was not significantly different from the samples that remained on Earth.

While earlier studies suggested that fresh human sperm samples could lose its motility in zero-G, there have been no reports on the influence of gravitational differences on frozen gametes as stated by one of the researchers, Montserrat Boada from Dexeus Women’s Health in Barcelona. Meanwhile, sperm could be transported frozen to space as well.

However, the study is preliminary as researchers note that they need to expose frozen sperm to space-like conditions for much longer, as well as analyze the impact of different levels of gravity as on Mars Planet and Moon. “Our best option will be to perform the experiment using real spaceflight but access is very limited”, Boada noted. The new findings could also be useful for future women-only missions which could be sent to colonize Mars or other possible planets in the near future. As colonization of Mars is possible, ‘Mars Boarding pass’ will be a reality soon.

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