Candid Pic of a tourist on Malaysian beach goes viral over ‘pregnant island’

tourist photo malaysian beach

A candid holiday photo of a tourist sun baking on a beach in Malaysia has gone viral for one specific reason.

The seemingly innocent tourist snap was taken on a beach in Langkawi, an archipelago of over 100 islands off the coast of Malaysia.

On the beach, a man was pictured laying down, wearing a pair of red swimming trunks.

Sand stretch in the foreground, while waves crashed at the shore to his right. But it was the island in the background that stole the spotlight.

Called the Island Of The Pregnant Maiden, the land mass’s silhouette matched that of the tourist’s body with an uncanny resemblance.

Each curve from his head to his toes seemed to line up with the shape of the contoured island.

The comical image was shared on Reddit where it was liked over 60,000 times.

Uploaded with the caption: “It’s as if it was meant to be”, the post has received hundreds of comments.

tourist photo

One user joked: “Some peoples bodies are a temple. My body is a whole island.”

The Island of the Pregnant Maiden is a popular spot for tourists.

A lake next to the island is said to bless couples struggling to conceive a child, according to local legend.

Thousands of couples travel to the site each year to take a dip in the ‘lucky’ waters.

tourist photo with palm

A different holiday photo went viral last week for being an incidental optical illusion.

Shared to Facebook, the image showed a young couple posing in front of a palm tree.

But viewers couldn’t help but notice it looked like the young woman was holding the tree between her body and her arm.

In reality, the woman’s long hair had simply blended in with the dark hue of the tree in the backdrop, before fusing to the black colour of her handbag.

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