Creative Adelaide Pilot Draws Penises And Writes ‘I’m bored’ With His Plane

Adelaide Pilot draws penis in sky 3690356

A Bored Adelaide pilot made it clear he was unimpressed about having to do a test flight when he wrote, “I’m bored” in the sky in long letters with his plane on Tuesday. He also took the time to draw two penises too.

The pilot left Parafield Airport in Adelaide on Tuesday morning on a mission to test the engine of a single propeller aircraft for two hours at a single speed. He then took it upon himself to carry out an additional mission to while away the time during the flight.

The recently qualified instructor from Flight Training Adelaide took out his frustration with his job by writing his feelings in the sky for all to notice well, everyone who happened to be looking at flight trackers at the time, that is.

It wasn’t just boredom the pilot wanted to get out of his system. He also drew some phallic shapes in the sky along the Adelaide coast, the Advertiser reports.“Young instructors, what can you do?” Pine Pienaar, the director of Flight Training Adelaide, said. Pinar said he didn’t condone the pilot’s actions, and said, “apparently he got bored.”

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