Five of the World’s Unique Food deliveries

86th Academy awards food deliveries

These Wildest & Unique food deliveries were not destined for greatness but the places they were delivered to make them great. From iconic awards shows and some even making their way out of this world. So here is a list of five of the wildest deliveries

We’ve all been there. A craving strikes and we are at the mercy of our hunger. Whether it be a lack of mealtime companions, a very specific yearning or sheer laziness, delivery often becomes the most viable way to satiate our appetites.


1. The time Hollywood biggie, Ellen ordered a pizza to the 86th Academy Awards

The 86th annual Oscars ceremony was comprised of old Hollywood glamor, gorgeous celebrities and a pizza delivery of 20 large pies. With icons, such a Meryl Streep, Harvey Weinstein and Brad Pitt indulging in this cheesy surprise, it’s no wonder Martirosyan left a tip of $1000.


2. The time a delayed flight from Washington to Denver needed pizza

Rain delaying a plan’s commute is hardly news. Unless that delay turned into an onboard pizza party. 160 passengers making their way from Washington to Denver had their bad luck rerouted when the pilot decided to order in.

Pizza in Train

3. The time when a British DJ Ordered pizza aboard a moving train

A British DJ just changed the train dining game. Traveling from Glasgow to Sheffield in the UK, DJ Artwork failed to bring any food for the 5 hour trip on a train lacking food service.

Pizza in space

4. The time Pizza Hut delivered to the International Space Station

Yes, you read that right! As part of a $500 million investment into revamping the famous pizza company, in 2001, six personal-pan-style pizzas were sent to the international space station. The pizza had to be specially prepared and additionally seasoned and salted as one’s taste buds aren’t quite as sensitive in space. The marketing officer for Pizza hut, Randy Gier, insisted. “Wherever there is life, there will be pizza”.

London to NYC

5. That time Kayne West had Indian food delivered from London to NYC

Kayne proved that when it comes to cravings, he wouldn’t let any barrier come in between. Indian food in Manhattan is clearly not up to West’s standards as he was compelled to order delivery from the British Raj’s dining room in Wales to be delivered to him in New York City.

That would have been a $19 dollar meal turned into a $3,900 production. West also had to shed out money for the travel fees and accommodation for the restaurant’s head chef during this ridiculous journey.

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