Get Your Soul Insured!


Did you ever wonder about all types of insurance we have in this physical world? The world offers all kinds of insurance. There is Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Travelers Insurance; and the list goes on and on. It’s funny how we are so concerned over the things we have possess and that’s why so many people purchase all sorts of insurance.What about your eternal soul? Did you ever stop to think about it? Do you have the “Soul Insurance”? Nobody offer insurance for your soul, they can preserve your body but nobody can preserve you soul. There is no procedure to save the soul.

I am not advising you to cancel your insurance policies; they are a wise thing to have in this world. Nevertheless, I just want to remind you, make sure you have the true insurance policy which is Eternal Life “Soul Insurance.”

Soul is our most valuable possession. Its a mystery for many, nobody has seen the soul, it has no name, no age, no gender, no dimension, no smell, no impression. Every living being has soul and considered dead without soul. How this precious asset who make all of us alive can be insured? Who can insure our soul?

There is only one who can save your soul and that person is you yourself. Only you can insure your soul by your Kindness & love for others. your positive contribution to this living world is the premium of your “soul insurance”. Helping other souls can only strengthen your soul. If you keep sinning your soul will be weak, degraded & keep on diminishing birth by birth. Do not spread sufferings, spread happiness and love. you should fill your world around with joy & bliss. Smiling faces around you is the sign that your soul has been insured. Strengthen your soul by your good deeds don’t diminish it.

The soul is unborn, eternal, never takes birth, and never dies. The soul is not destroyed when the body is destroyed.

(A mythological quote)

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