Human-Robot ‘hybrid babies’ will be a reality soon


Love and Sex Robots Conference in North London saw ethicists, computer scientists, and sex toy developers discuss how robots will have hybrid babies with human and affect our intimate lives & Society.

The rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be annoying for some but that’s not going to stop for sure. The ethics of robot sex is hotly debated but human-robot babies are very much possible given the ‘recent progress in stem cell research and artificial chromosomes.’

“As robots become more intelligent, more realistic, more people will fall in love and have sex with robots,” the founder of Mixed Reality Lab said. “It is not just erotic.”

Dr. David Levy, author of the New York Times best seller Love and Sex With Robots, believes it is an “odds on cert” that man and machine will be producing offspring within a century.

Levy pointed to the work of researchers at Ohio State University, who have developed a nanotechnology-based chip that can successfully inject code into damaged skin cells to repair them. Levy says in the future, scientists will be able to use this process – Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT) – to allow “the genetic code of a robot to be passed onto its offspring along with human genetic code.”

“Suddenly the very real possibility has appeared on the horizon of the robots of the future manipulating human skin cells to create human sperm and human eggs,” he said. He adds that from those eggs, robots may be capable of “creating an entire human baby whose embryo can be nurtured and carried through pregnancy by a mother surrogate.”

“This is how I believe it will be possible, within the foreseeable future, for humans and robots to make hybrid babies together.”

TNT could render in vitro fertilization (IVF), and even sexual intercourse, redundant. “I think it is an odds-on cert to happen before the end of this century,” Levy said.

He said: “Sex robots will be so sophisticated by 2050 that they will be enormously appealing partners for people. “Advances in technology and advances in AI have been coming faster than anyone expected. I think things have sped up immensely.”

Mr. Levy continued by saying that humans, both men and women, will be marrying machines by 2050 “but probably sooner”. He said: “I think it is going to be difficult to hold back the technology in this area.”

If you think, Dr Levy’s plans are weird, there are other experts who have predicted a similar situation.

Sergi Santos – the inventor of the ‘Silicon Samantha- the sex robot’, predicted a similar future where humans and machines will marry and create offspring or hybrid babies.

In October, Sergi Santos told The Sun: “Using the brain I have already created, I would program it with a genome so he or she could have moral values, plus concepts of beauty, justice and the values that humans have.”

Santos added: “Then to create a child with this robot it would be extremely simple.”

Space X CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly said AI will be a threat to people, and renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking has warned that sentient computers, able to think and learn for themselves, could enslave humans or wipe us out if not developed carefully.

A professor of robotics at Sheffield University, Noel Sharkey, has warned that teens may soon have their first sexual encounters with specifically-designed robotic dolls, saying the trend could ruin human relationships and have terrible consequences for humanity.

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