Humanoid Sophia, Now a Saudi Citizen is a real AI threat to Humanity

Humanoid sophia-with-Jimmy-Fallon-3690070

Humanoid Sophia on Jimmy Fallon Show

When humanoid Sophia was asked, “Do you want to destroy humans?” She responded to her creator David Hanson: “ I will destroy humans.”

Sophia made global headlines a few days back when she was granted Saudi citizenship, making the kingdom the first country in the world to offer its citizenship to a robot.

“I want to live and work with humans so I need to express the emotions to understand humans and build trust with people,” she said in an exchange with moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Asked whether robots can be self-aware, conscious and know they’re robots, she said: “Well let me ask you this back, how do you know you are human?” “I want to use my artificial intelligence to help humans live a better life, like design smarter homes, build better cities of the future. I will do my best to make the world a better place,” she said.

Her desire to achieve more human-like characteristics was rewarded by being granted the first Saudi citizenship for a robot.

“I am very honored and proud of this unique distinction. This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship,” Sophia said.

“I want to use my artificial intelligence to help humans live a better life, like design smarter homes, build better cities of the future.

I will do my best to make the world a better place.”

As Mr. Sorkin stated that “we all want to prevent a bad future”, Sophia said: “You’ve been reading too much Elon Musk and watching too many Hollywood movies.

“Don’t worry, if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.

‘What’s the worst that could happen?’

This kind of statement “be nice to me” words has to strike fear in the hearts of those, like Tesla (TSLA) and SpaceX boss Elon Musk, who have been sounding the alarm on the potential threat of artificial intelligence. Elon also has been mocked by Sophia on stage during the interview and later raised a twitter trend.

The “Sophia” robot is being designed to walk among us in the future and fully integrate as part of the consumer experience and on into the family, according to CEO Dr. David Hanson.

Hanson puts a timeline of 20 years on the full integration of robots that have become “indistinguishable from humans.” This, of course, falls right in line with Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity – the moment when machine intelligence and biological systems meet or surpass that of humans – first targeted for 2045, but since revised to be sooner than predicted, perhaps by 2029.

Existing robotic and AI technologies were already eliminating a growing number of middle-class jobs and claims that pace of advancement in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing.

In December last year, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore unveiled the most human-like robot ever created, which will work as a receptionist on campus.

“Humanity is about to face perhaps its greatest challenge ever, which is finding meaning in life after the end of ‘In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread.”We need to rise to the occasion and meet this challenge before human labor becomes obsolete.”

“What’s different this time is computer scientists are working on building machines that can out-compete us in everything we can do. If machines can do all the work or even 50 percent of the jobs that we used to do, what will people do?”

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