Inspectors find brains, heads and animal parts in GRUESOME Chinese restaurant probe

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A Chinese restaurant was found with deer brains and heads

New China House has clocked up 32 violations in two checks by authorities.

But despite the gruesome finds, the restaurant in Pennsylvania remains open.

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The restaurant had 32 violations in two inspections

Four trash bags were taken during the search as an investigation continues.

The owner of the restaurant, who only went by the name of ‘Chun’ claimed the deer meat were for soup he was making for his wife.


An 'imminent' health hazard check is set to take place, according to officials

He also claimed his shop does not serve deer meat.

Director of the Department of Agriculture Lydia Johnson said: “There must be an imminent health hazard for the state Department of Agriculture to close a restaurant.”

The latest inspection saw 14 violations with the previous check in July racking up 18 violations.

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