Iskra Lawrence Flaunts Killer Curves in Thong Style Bodysuit


ISKRA LAWRENCE treated her Instagram fans to a mind-boggling view as she flaunted her killer curves in all their glory in a sexy snap last night.

Promoting body confidence, the British stunner stripped down and flaunted her voluptuous derrière to her 3.7 million followers.

The 27-year-old brazenly exposed her bum cheeks in the saucy picture as she wore a thong-style black bodysuit, which showcased her bodacious behind in its entirety.

Taking a selfie in the mirror, the model allowed her ultra peachy posterior to take center-stage as she turned her body to capture the perfect pose.

The previous day, the blonde beauty posted another snap as she crouched down and showed off some serious cleavage while flashing her svelte legs.


Iskra decided to flaunt her jaw-dropping figure to empower other women and wrote alongside it an emotional message about how she used to feel “imperfect”.

She wrote: “Hey body parts, I know in the past we didn’t understand or love each other but please forgive me. I was brainwashed by societal ideals and the media’s expectations of perfection.

“When I looked at you all I saw was the imperfections I had been taught to see, using descriptors of shame and hate because that’s what I read and heard other women say to themselves.

“How was I meant to love my cellulite, veins, breakouts or fat when I’d been told these things were ‘problem areas’, ‘flaws’ and things to be ashamed of? Well don’t worry body cuz I see through all that BS now.


“And I see you for all that you do for me, you’re my Hero. Without you I’d have no home, no identity, no vessel to live out this beautiful life in. So thank you for being imperfectly perfect, one of a kind and all mine.”

The Worcester-born beauty was inundated with compliments from her army of fans who thanked her for being an “inspiration”.

One fan wrote: “That’s what we like to see. Self-confidence! No judgments. Inspiration and role model to all! #Iskra #TeamBodyHero.”

Another was distracted by the star’s posterior as they commented: “Damn it’s been a while, welcome back booty.”

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