Kim Kardashian shows her famous booty

The pretty, gorgeous & stunning star, Kim Kardashian is making waves again and this time isn’t to forget in a hurry.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian in a thong in the snow

The curvy star challenged the snow as she stripped off to a sexy FUR bikini in freezing temperature. An epic pic is Posted on her website, she seductively ran her fingers through her hair in one hot shot in the imaginative two-piece and a pair of huge snow boots. In another pic she can be seen from behind with her pert derriere on show and the back of her fur thong.



Kim Kardashian knee-deep in snow

The pics were taken in Deer Valley, Utah, and any guesses who did the photography, it was actually her rapper husband Kanye West who was behind the camera about a year ago.


Kim shows off her bum in one shot

Kim wrote alongside the shoot: “To celebrate my BFF Allison’s birthday last year, Kanye and I went on a really fun couples ski trip to Deer Valley, Utah.
“Everyone made me wear a helmet, which, at first, I hated – but I ended up getting really into it. Of course, I had to do an impromptu photo shoot in the snow. I was freezing, but I love how the pics turned out!”

Meanwhile, there are rumors and some sources also claimed that “Kim announced to her mom [Kris Jenner], ‘I have to divorce him’. It breaks her heart, but she doesn’t see any other way. Well these kind of rumors always surround the famous & rich celebrities and they really don’t care about it.


Kanye and Kim

We wish Kim to be happy, healthy & as appealing as always. We also wish that you keep making the headlines and entertaining us forever. Keep sharing your views & likes on this article.

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