Lingerie-clad Russian Blonde Jumps Into Frozen Lake, End In Another Ice Bomb Failure


A lingerie-clad Russian blonde which is supposed to be a outdoor enthusiast tried to test the waters of a frozen lake in Balashikha, Russia last week resulting in an epic and painful failure. With an impact that echoed across social media, half-naked Viktoria Kushnir braved the ice in the hopes of crashing through to the undoubtedly freezing waters, but alas it was not meant to be.

However she was successful in making a large crack on the ice, and also in her ankle bone. The injured woman’s companion and cameraman offers little comfort, laughing and swearing as she limps back to shore with more than just a bruised ego. The video of this incident is now getting viral and has been viewed over 1.3 million times on the popular viral content website Liveleak.

The Blonde said, “I didn’t see that it was frozen, I didn’t get bruises, my leg was hurt the most (a fracture)”. “I didn’t do it for video, just for myself, but it turned out so good, I decided to share it. I don’t mind, I can laugh at my misfortunes and at misfortunes of others.” “Excellent way to break a hip or multiple vertebrae or cause spinal cord damage from the impact compression…” wrote one commenter.

“In former Soviet Russia ice breaks you,” wrote another. Though popular, the clip has a long way to go before reaching the popularity of the original ice bomb fail courtesy of German band Syskill, whose video has amassed over 32.6 million views in the six years since it was posted.

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