Five Most Robotized Nations Of The World


Global robotization is gaining speed irreversibly, according to the International Federation of Robotics. We decided to find the world’s five most robotized nations, where robot machines tend to gradually replace working humans, forcing them to join the ranks of the unemployed.

The latest data from the organizations show that, in 2015, the manufacturing industry saw 66 robot machines per 10,000 working people. In just one year, the figure rose to 77 robots per 10,000 of human workers. It goes without saying that automation across a whole range of industries is progressing inexorably.

5. Denmark

This Scandinavian state is one of the world’s leaders in using renewable energy. At the same time, machinery manufacturing reportedly makes up nearly 25 percent of industrial output. Denmark enjoys the help of 211 robots per 10,000 working people and is number five in the ranking.

4. Japan

The country boasts 303 industry robots for every 10,000 working humans. Most of them are employed in the vehicle-making sector. Though Japan failed to make the top three ranking, 52 percent of global robot supplies are reportedly coming from the nation.

3. Germany

Like Japan, Germany is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. The country opens the top three with 309 robots per 10,000 workers.

2. Singapore

Nearly 90 percent of robotic machines in Singapore also work in the sector of electronics. With 488 robots for every 10,000 working people, the nation is the second most-robotized in the world.

1. South Korea

When it comes to the number of already working robotic devices, South Korea is a record-holder. Every 10,000 human workers enjoy the assistance of 631 robots. Most of the machines are used in the industrial sector and electronic engineering.

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