Mysterious Demon Eye Spotted On Mars Surface Near NASA’S Martian Rover

Mysterious, alien, face, on, mars, surface-3690447

Martian rover is exploring Mars and sending back stunning images and information to NASA and meanwhile UFO hunters believe they have spotted an alien demon face with a clearly visible strange eye after investigation of NASA’s image of the Red Planet.

Mysterious, alien, face, on, mars, surface-3690446

As per the popular blog UFO Sightings Daily the structure is like a demon wearing a mask. The blog mentioned, “Here is a strange sculpture of an alien face found near the Mars rover. The face at first looks demon like, but in reality is a person wearing a mask. I colored the screenshot above so you can see it more easily. Now if they were an ancient race that lived longer than us, then they will have more than 3 strands of DNA and with every stand of DNA…their body becomes harder to break down in the environment when they die. So…its possible this is a fossil of a face of a species that once lived on Mars and died in battle.”

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