Mysterious Demon Eye Spotted On Mars Surface Near NASA’S Martian Rover

Mysterious Demon Eye Spotted NASA'S Rover 369379

Martian rover is exploring Mars and sending back stunning images and information to NASA and meanwhile UFO hunters believe they have spotted an alien demon face with a clearly visible strange eye after investigation of NASA’s image of the Red Planet.

Mysterious, alien, face, on, mars, surface-3690446 - Mysterious Demon Eye Spotted NASA'S Rover 369379

As per the popular blog UFO Sightings Daily the structure is like a demon wearing a mask. The blog mentioned, “Here is a strange sculpture of an alien face found near the Mars rover. The face at first looks demon like, but in reality is a person wearing a mask. I colored the screenshot above so you can see it more easily. Now if they were an ancient race that lived longer than us, then they will have more than 3 strands of DNA and with every stand of DNA…their body becomes harder to break down in the environment when they die. So…its possible this is a fossil of a face of a species that once lived on Mars and died in battle.”

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