Newborn baby found after being abandoned on garbage heap

A nurse tends the abandoned newbornCEN

A nurse tends the abandoned newborn

The woman, 24, gave birth to the child secretly in the toilets of a cafe where she worked in the eastern city of Mariupol, Ukraine.

But just minutes later a co-worker who saw the sack move on the pile outside the cafe called police.

They arrived thinking someone had tried to dispose of an unwanted Christmas pet.

But officers were shocked to see a newborn baby boy alive inside.

He was barely alive but was raced to a local hospital where he is battling for life in an intensive care ward.

After quizzing staff at the cafe it did not take police long to identify the woman – married but separated and living with her parents – as the main suspect.

The baby fights for life in intensive careCEN

The baby boy is fighting for his life in intensive care

Police chief Andrei Stepanov talkingCEN

The police chief said the woman could have turned to agencies for help

It is only by a miracle that the boy lived

Police chief Andrei Stepanov

Under questioning she broke down and said she could not face the ordeal of bringing up another child.

The woman said she is already the mother to a five-year-old girl who lives with her grandparents.

Police chief Andrei Stepanov said she cut the umbilical cord herself using a pair of scissors before putting the baby into a plastic bag and throwing it on to the cafe rubbish heap.

Police determined that the woman was severely depressed – but she will still face charges for attempted murder which could see her jailed for over ten years.

Rubbish bins where the baby was abandonedCEN

The baby boy was left in this rubbish heap

The police chief added: "It is all very sad but there are agencies the woman could have turned to, rather than just deciding for herself to kill an innocent child.

"It is only by a miracle that the boy lived through his ordeal.

"The officers who found him have been deeply moved by the situation."

The woman has not revealed who the father of the child is.

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