Nobel Prize Winners on How Humanity will die out?


A GROUP of Nobel Prize winners has given their verdicts on how Humanity will die out and, according to them, the future looks bleak.

Some 50 Nobel Prize winners, representing a quarter of living winners from chemistry, physics, physiology, medicine, and economics, were asked to participate in a Times Higher Education survey to give their theories on how humanity will die out.

Just over a third of the brainiacs believed that overpopulation or environmental degradation is the biggest threat to humanity.

As the population of the world rises rapidly, experts believe that it will have a detrimental effect on the environment, and demand for food will be too high that it will be unsustainable.

One laureate told Times Higher Education: “Climate change and providing sufficient food and fresh water for the growing global population…are serious problems facing humankind.

“Science is needed to address these problems and also to educate the public to create the political will to solve these problems.”

The second biggest threat is the nuclear war, according to the researchers with 23 per cent of participants believing the world will end this way.

One participant from Germany said that “populist regimes in possession of nuclear weapons” could lead to the decline of humanity.

In a distant third, with just eight per cent, the Nobel Prize winners believe that an infectious disease could wipe out humanity.

One person believes that drugs are the biggest threat to humanity, while other states that Facebook will eventually kill us all off.

One way to ensure humanity’s survival is to colonise other planets.

SpaceX boss Elon Musk has constantly reiterated his desire to get humans to Mars, and the experts believe that this will allow humans to live on.

One of the laureates said: “The ultimate insurance policy is to make humanity a multiplanet species.

“And science obviously has a big role to play in that.”

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