Paola Saulino pledged “Oral sex with 19 million men” suspends her Countrywide Sex Tour


The Italian glamour model Paola Saulino who offered oral sex to everyone who voted ‘no’ in the country’s referendum, has had to withdraw from her nationwide tour after being bitten in the face by a dog. The model, who claimed to have honored her commitment with around 400 men in March, told that it will now take nine months for the wounds inside and outside her mouth to heal.


Paola Saulino made the promise prior to a vote on constitutional reform in December 2016. Voters rejected the proposals with 59 percent of the overall vote, subsequently launching the model’s ‘Pompa Tour’ to perform oral sex on the 19 million people who voted ‘no’ in the referendum.

Since the vote, Saulino has also downgraded her pre-referendum target of performing the sex act on every ‘no’ voter and is now aiming for what she believes to be a far more achievable target of 1 million people.


Italian voters were asked whether they wanted to amend the constitution to change how parliament is run. Voters rejected the proposals, however, 60 percent to 40.

“Those who say NO to the referendum will be waiting in delight for my ‘Pompa Tour’ in January for what I promised to those who voted no,” the actress said. ‘Pompa’ is Italian slang for fellatio.

Saulino works in Los Angeles but says she will fly home to Italy for the 10-city tour. “Someone asked me how far I will go on this story. It will go ahead,” she wrote on Instagram.

‘No’ voters wishing to collect their reward had been asked to fill out a booking form to be sent back to Saulino. “Details will be provided in response to a private mail, in order to ensure the utmost confidentiality and serenity, attached you will find the booking form with a number which must be completed and sent,” she posted on Facebook.

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