Playing with the Pee, Naughty boy trapped in lift after spraying on buttons


A boy in China tried to have some unusual fun by relieving himself all over the control buttons of an elevator but suddenly he felt miserable after his pee caused the lift to break down, trapping him inside. The weird Footage of the incident soon hit the social media.

CCTV footage shows the boy inside the elevator as he aims his stream of urine up and down the buttons of the lift. As soon as he finishes, the youngster tries to leave the lift, but karma kicks in and the buttons start to short circuit. The footage ends with the boy panicking as the lift is plunged into darkness.

The footage was filmed in southwest China’s Chongqing City on Friday. It was published by the Ministry of Public Security on its Weibo account with the headline, “Stop being naughty,” the South China Morning Post reports.

The boy was rescued from the lift by maintenance staff. Global Times reports the building management confronted the boy and his father, and the pair reportedly denied any wrongdoing.

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