PM Trudeau Surprised Everybody by His Humorous Act in Brussels


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left his Belgian counterpart in laughs when he bypassed him with open arms and instead greeted the partner of Belgian Prime minister Charles Michel. This interesting moment took place when Trudeau arrived at a dinner in Brussels. The Canadian PM was among the World leaders attending the NATO summit in Belgium this week.

Trudeau appeared to be heading for Charles Michel with his arm outstretched to shake his hand until he decided to kiss Amélie Derbaudrenghien and rushed past the Belgian leader to greet and hold Derbaudrenghien with a beaming smile on his face. Michel was left to laugh awkwardly in front of the cameras and appeared to put his hand in between his partner and the Canadian leader a few seconds into their cozy greeting.

However, this interesting incident sparked a flood of reaction on social media.

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