Police Officer bangs black teen girl at school, community on fire!


A 17-year-old black teen girl was shockingly slammed badly by a La Mesa, California school police officer, the incident was recorded and the viral video showed him swinging the teen girl over his shoulder after she reportedly refused to comply with an order.

The 30-second Snapchat video posted on YouTube and Instagram shows part of the altercation where the police officer thrashes the teenage girl to the ground. The video quickly went viral and angered the students and parents.

The incident took place Friday, January 19 when the teen was arrested for refusing to obey an order to leave schools grounds, and resisting arrest, according to police. Police said staff at Helix High School had requested assistance from school police when the student, who was on suspended status, didn’t comply with staff to leave campus.

After she refused to follow police orders to leave campus, she was arrested and placed in handcuffs.

“As they were walking, the student became non-compliant on two separate occasions and made an attempt to free herself by pulling away from the officer,” said La Mesa Police Department in a statement. “To prevent the student from escaping, the officer forced the student to the ground. After the student agreed to quit resisting and attempting to escape, the officer assisted her up and walked her to his patrol vehicle.”

The whole community is angry and protesting for justice for the girl. It’s not rare and these kinds of incidents of violence between police and the black community have become very frequent and obvious. These growing incidences are consequences of erroneous perception about a specific community which need to be fixed urgently by some constructive and collective actions.

In a Facebook Live video uploaded Monday, hundreds of students supported by their parents are seen walking out of class after the first bell, criticizing police for unlawful use of force on the teen. Chants of “Justice for Bri” are heard.

Police said the student “suffered minor abrasions.” Paramedics said she did not require treatment. The officer was not injured. Police are investigating the use of the force and the overall incident. The school would not respond to questions but the teen’s parents are due to meet with school administrators.

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