Powerful Nation will Collapse in the last Days as per Biblical Prophecy

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There will be no reigning superpower on the face of the Earth anywhere in the Last Days scenario. Other nations will emerge, as warned by a Pastor after he analyzed texts from the Bible.

As per the present global scenario we are in midst of the most dangerous global conflict and the world seems to be parted in two groups one with the US and another against the US.

A world war could be started anytime and it seems the nation most likely to attack the US with Nuclear weapons would be North Korea and secondly Iran.

American Pastor Greg Laurie, of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, believes the US could be obliterated in a nuclear war before the end of the world begins.

Pastor Laurie says the prophecy was revealed to him after he read the Bible and discovered there was no mention of a “reigning superpower” in the end days, which he has interpreted as the US being destroyed imminently. “Here is what concerns me. We do not find the reigning superpower on the face of the Earth anywhere in the Last Days scenario.

He said: “In the Last Days there is no mention of any nation that would resemble North Korea however the Bible does speak of Iran in the End Times scenario.

Recently Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has mocked the US as “mad” and taunted Donald Trump that no-one will be able to stop them from building more missiles.

The aggressive language from the leader of the Islamic Republic comes as tensions between Tehran and Washington grow. Rouhani said that his country will “not hesitate” to fire the ballistic weapons.

He confirmed that no country was able to stop Iran’s missile programme, and taunted US President Donald Trump as powerless to stop the North Korean crisis.

North Korea has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons and in its latest warning has told the US to take the threat “literally”.

Kim Jong-un also issued another warning to the US as a senior diplomat from Pyongyang said warnings of a possible atmospheric nuclear test over the Pacific Ocean should be taken “literally”.

Mr. Trump is set to make a visit to Asia next week in a bid to highlight his campaign to put pressure on North Korea to give up its nuclear and missile programmes.

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