Project blue beam or Jesus Christ was visiting Colombian town

jesus christ

Astonishingly an image of Jesus appeared in the Colombian sky, which may be secret Project Blue Beam by the US to gain total control over the population.

Survivors of the disaster that struck the Colombian city of Manizales after heavy rain earlier this year even claimed the Messiah saved them after the extraordinary event.

It is reported that soon after the landslide, people spotted a mysterious shape breaking through the clouds over the ravaged city.

Some locals even claimed it was an apparition of Jesus, providing comfort to grieving people.

Marya de Iesus uploaded a video of the bizarre phenomenon to social media.

She wrote: “Jesus Christ was visiting our Colombian town.”

One viewer wrote: “In this moment of pain, people want to believe it is a divine item that gives them hope and strength to keep on living and fighting.”

But, others suggested it was part of an alleged plan by the US Government to gain total control over the population called Project Blue Beam.

Some conspiracy theorists claim the authorities will use holograms to convinced the world that the second coming is upon us, or aliens have landed, in the hope they can use religion and mind control to bring about a New World Order.

There is no proof of this other than theories online.

Ione user said: “What fools people, have you not heard of the secret project called Blue Beam.”

More skeptical others said it was simply “the light of the sun breaking through different types of clouds”, and therefore an optical illusion.

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