11 Romantic Things To Do Together For Love Couples

1. Share the shower
When your relationship progresses, they eventually start showering together. They rub their backs and sometimes to wash and condition hair each other.

2. Bursting other grains
Girls, you know that our men are fixed on our shortcomings and vice versa. Sometimes even we can find and get our beloved black spots. Some may think it’s disgusting; others believe it is useful . Just make sure not to hit each other when it hurts a lot of the grains burst!

3. Go to eat fast food at 2am
My boyfriend and I love going to eat tacos at 2am when we can not sleep and felt a craving. Also we do when we leave a nightclub or return of any long journey.

4. Make TV marathons
When one falls for a TV show , we see our partner as well. Before they realize they have been together eight seasons.

5. They see the same television program while in different places
Both see the same program at the same time (maybe he is traveling and you already are in the house) and text messages to each other will be sent and could even be called , just to make sure they are YES watching the program together.

6. Get in certain positions and have certain side of the bed
What couple does not have designated the sides of the bed? Couples understand their love needs quality sleep. In my case, he sleeps on the right side, which is closer to the alarm and I sleep on the left. And many times I snuggled next to a pillow against the wall when it is too hot to snuggle with him.

7. They use the bathroom together
This happens when one of the two is in the shower and the other has to go to the bathroom. I’ve met a lot of couples who simply do not care and look at each other as they go to the bathroom. But most people do the same as us, go to the bathroom while the other is in the shower, they do not look, but just spoken. Of course the toilet to number two in front of the other is a big NO.

8. Cuddle
Boys, be honest: they like to curl up with your girl as much as us. And girls, let ‘s be honest too: You can not stay huddled overnight. When they fall asleep while they are huddling there is always a time of night in which he will remove, hidden or not, your arm, or both might wake up and move at the same time. But even when they are not curled up, there is usually a leg or two touch each other. This shows that they love us and love also curl up with us, but simply not possible and stay up all night.

9. make each other laugh
Your love making people laugh is very important. Understanding your sense of humor, the way to encourage a sad day … there is nothing sweeter than that, right? No matter what is happening, they will need to make laugh to know that everything will be fine.

10.Change clothes in front of the other
Although not live together, there always comes a moment in which you can change clothes in front of the other. Help find socks, zippers or fix something up … it is very helpful to have someone to help you, especially when you’re not sure whether you look good or not.

11. They talk before bedtime
I mean those conversations that are shared at the end of a long day when you go to sleep together.They wonder how his day went and how they feel. And then they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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