The Secret of Alien Life hidden in mysterious Antarctica

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Antarctica, is a freezing cold time-capsule that contains clues about Alien life, it may look like a barren wasteland, but it contains more than meets the eye.

Boffins have spotted some truly bizarre creatures in Antarctica, although we haven’t yet found any aliens. In 2014, it was revealed that tiny life-forms are living in a lake locked under half a mile of ice.

This lost world has not seen sunlight or fresh air for more than one million years. Yet it supports more than 4,000 species of organisms and suggests life could survive almost anywhere – even on other planets or moons.

“It’s the first definitive evidence that there’s not only life, but active ecosystems underneath the Antarctic ice sheet, something that we have been guessing about for decades,” said lead researcher Brent Christner, professor of biology at Louisiana State University.

“I think that this does nothing but strengthen the case for life on other icy bodies in solar system and beyond.”

Most of the ongoing search for alien life focuses on Mars, but of equal importance are icy moons like Enceladus and Europa which orbit Saturn and Jupiter and are similar to Antartica.

“Extremophile” bacteria can survive in the harshest conditions on Earth and scientists hope they can survive off the planet.

Australian microbiologist Belinda Ferrari said: “The big question has been how the microbes can survive when there is little water, the soils are very low in organic carbon and there is very little capacity to produce energy from the sun via photosynthesis during the winter darkness.

NASA believes celestial bodies with liquid water oceans beneath the icy surface of Jupiter and Saturn’s moons could sustain microbial life.

Life on Earth came from hot primordial soup, but life could still develop on frozen moons.

Warmth underneath the icy exterior might still sustain life.

The discovery opens up the possibility that life forms only need an atmospheric gas to survive.

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