‘Sinful Friday’, The Most Popular day of Winter before Christmas

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17th of November, dubbed as ‘Sinful Friday’ is the single most popular day of this winter to become disloyal to your loyal partner, a dating website for married people revealed.

If your partner got any inexplicable, mysterious plans this coming weekend then your doubts may be right as the fast approaching day is considered the most happening day for affairs.

The Sinful Friday marks a last-chance getaway for adulterers, who set off for one last romance before Christmas is in full swing, and commitments to family and friends start to get in the way.

But it isn’t just the 17th that’s busy, as in fact, last year the entire week saw a 30 per cent increase in this kind of activity.

This included the amount of photos uploaded, profiles created and the number of messages sent, compared with any other week in November or December. As much as a 41 per cent increase was seen on the first two days of this week, with a 50 per cent increase predicted for the week in total.

A survey of more than 500 adulterers found 79 per cent have plans in place to get away with their the person they’re having an affair with on Sinful Friday, while as many as 20 per cent intent to spend the entire weekend with their secret tryst.

With sinful Friday representing the last affair of the year for many adulterers, most aren’t skimping on their destinations, and plan to go out in style.

Paris, for 17 per cent of those surveyed, is the most popular destination, followed by Austria, with 15 per cent of the vote, just in time for its famous Christmas markets. The reminder of adulterers are mainly seeking retreats closer to home, with Yorkshire (14 per cent), the Scottish Highlands (13 per cent), Central London (11 per cent) and the Peak District (7 per cent) all proving popular.

The site’s spokesperson Christian Grant, explained: “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. The thoughtful gift you appreciate but in your heart of hearts don’t honestly like stuffing your mouth full of turkey. It’s Christmas, and for an adulterers, that spells trouble.

From Christmas shopping to nativity plays to seeing the in-laws, Christmas is undoubtedly the biggest stumbling block for anyone seeing their mistress or histress. That choke point leads to the inevitable – a premature year-ending romp to see out 2017 in style, albeit prematurely.

So, if your partner is being coy about their plans this weekend, then it might be best to apply a bit of pressure to the wound and see what they’re really up to.” However a cheating wife or husband can be hard to spot.

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