The Total Eclipse will Reawaken our Dormant DNA, raising a New Era for Humanity

Total Solar Eclipse

A spiritual healer claims the total eclipse will herald the start of a new era for humanity and the universe as a whole.

Carolin Comberti, a new age practitioner, who specializes in “spiritually healing people through music and sound,” is leading a major event in Glastonbury, Somerset, to welcome in the eclipse which she claims will “transform the cosmos.”

Druids, new agers, and spiritualists are expected to flock to the Seven Isles of Avalon, hills surrounding the mystical town, ahead of the eclipse which is set to happen at 7.40pm UK time.

There Ms. Comberti, who is coinciding with a group performing a ceremony inside the Kings Chamber at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, will “create songs for each of the seven hills.”

Writing in The Oracle, a monthly magazine about spiritual events in Glastonbury, she said that all beings were microcosms part of the wider macrocosm, but that most people had “forgotten” this and their DNA had been switched off.

She wrote of the impact of the eclipse: “All beings cannot fail to be affected in some way.

“Your neutral pathways energy fields and DNA will have parts switched back on that has for lifetimes been switched off, causing the great forgetting that arose at the time of humanity’s fall from grace.

“As people start to have their dormant DNA reawakened they will once more come to realize the truth of their divinity and their connection with the great whole, the one heart and source of the universe.

“Coming together on August 21 on this auspicious day to sound and dance the seven hills with healing intention will create powerful stargazers to the higher realms and facilitate huge shifts in the planetary energy fields.

“These will herald in great shifts in the timelines of universal consciousness, heralding in the emergence and anchoring in of the Golden Age frequencies into our planetary grid systems.”

Many people follow the beliefs of Ms.Comberti, especially in Glastonbury, however, none of it is proven scientifically.

In fact, all claims of people ascending to higher plains, and the light, are firmly rooted in the paranormal and pseudoscience.

On Monday a rare total solar eclipse will plunge much of the US into darkness during the day.

Many conspiracy theorists have predicted it will signal the start of an apocalypse and the end of the world.

However, not everyone is being as doom and gloomy about the event.

Social commentator Glenn Woods wrote that the eclipse was bringing out strange behaviour in humans.

He said: “The humans, on the other hand, are already acting weird, and we haven’t even reached eclipse hour yet.

“We have doomsday cults and end time predictions.

“Hippies will try to open an interdimensional portal with dance and chants to the sound of bongos and the smell of patchouli and weed.

“Stores are running low on tinfoil for all the hats being made by those who want to block the intensified cosmic rays.

“Those conspiracy theorists will then lock and load, hunkered down in their doomsday cellar waiting for society to explode.”

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