Topless FEMEN girls clashed with anti-abortionists during recent protest in Paris


Topless FEMEN activists were forced to stop protesting from aggressive anti-abortionists caused a violent crash between both groups during the latest FEMEN demonstration in Paris.

The FEMEN movement was founded in Ukraine in 2008, and quickly became notorious for their outrageous public stunts against religion, governments and other public institutions.

The group fled Ukraine in 2013, citing fears for their “lives and freedom” and have since branched out to a number of countries, and is now headquartered in Paris.

The women had ‘FEMEN’ shirts painted on their bodies and carried buckets asking for ‘Christian charity for sperm donations.’

A group of men charged at the women, ripping the buckets from their hands, tackling them to the ground, and aggressively trying to wrestle them into foil blankets.

The activists were eventually swarmed by French police officers who huddled around them while the FEMEN group continued their protest chants.

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