Top Ten Unique & Perfect love Destinations

Celebration of love doesn’t need a special day or place, still, most of the people love to enjoy spending time privately with their loved people. These destinations are actually different from ordinary places. You can do your favorite things here; from enjoying romantic dinner to run through the roads. Here are 10 perfect destinations to travel with your partner, so let’s take a break & enjoy.

1. Patagonia, Argentina

The romance that resides in the adventure becomes very evident when traveling through Patagonia. Its vastness is as legendary as extreme and has the power to produce a tremendous surprise because of its incredible nature. From the wonderful Perito Moreno Glacier, through the majestic Mount Fitz Roy, to whale watching, sea lions and penguins, all things produce so much emotion that you’ll be happy to share some moments with your partner.

2. Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

The Trans – Siberian railway is a railway network connecting European Russia with the Far East provinces of Russia,China,Mongolia and connects with North Korea. You may not have the glamour of the Maldives or the Caribbean sun, but they have more interesting stories to tell if you spend two weeks lying in a hammock.

3. Carretera Austral, Patagonia Chilenapic3

1240 kilometers of adventure, wonder and love. This road crosses the Chilean Patagonia and passes through the most amazing virgin forests, lakes, hot springs, rivers, and breathtaking glaciers. It is also the gateway to the southern ice fields. It is not the first place you can think of with the word romantic, but certainly it will be an adventure to remember with love forever.

4. Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Something warmer for sun and adventure lovers. Some call it the point of entry to paradise. The place is famous for its tropical landscapes, coral formations, dream beaches, and lagoons mangals, no doubt this place is the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure and love.

5. Cinque Terre, Italy

The rocky shores of the Italian Riviera belong to the pages of a romantic novel. Here you can explore picturesque villages and ports, trekking through the wonderful trail or make a quiet walk along the seashore. The place has attractive vineyards, postcard scenery and one of the largest botanical gardens in the world ” Giardini Botanici Hanbury.”

6. Buenos Aires, Argentinapic6

Another one from Argentina among the perfect destinations to celebrate love. It is easy to fall in love with the colorful and culturally diverse streets of Buenos Aires. From the cultures of the arts, the most delicious cuisine to relaxing afternoons in the shadows of the trees of their beautiful parks, this city will not disappoint you. See an opera or a ballet at the Teatro Colon, know the exquisite Palermo neighborhood restaurants and dance tango at the famous club Rojo tango.

7. Elqui Valley, Chilepic7

Beautiful landscapes surrounded by the majestic Andes and the sea of stars in the night sky are what characterizes the Elqui Valley. It is a typically romantic place but its people, its gastronomy and nature will leave more than love. You will always remember what you get there. There is no place in the world that resembles the Elqui Valley. The place itself makes it incredible.

8. Fez, Moroccopic8

Known as the spiritual heart of Morocco, Fez remains the most complete and best-preserved medieval Islamic settlement. The city stimulates your senses and makes you feel incredibly alive. It’s not a typical destination for couples, but their views, food and general vibe certainly make you feel that you live in an urban adventure, and there is nothing better than an adventure to celebrate love.

9. Valparaiso, Chile

Called “the jewel of the Pacific”, this port is a continuous invitation for lovers. One of the most beautiful places in the list of perfect destinations to celebrate love. Among the bohemian, culture and romance, Valparaiso highlights and revives all the love you have. In addition, it is so diverse that there are activities for all tastes, more than one will be yours and your partner’s style. Wander through their artistic streets, go-to romantic restaurants and enjoy the most spectacular coastal scenery that Chile can offer.

10. Travel by motorhome, Californiapic10

Is there anything more romantic than spending a huddling week while roaming in a mobile home? If you dare to do this, you’re in one of the most varied landscapes in terms of travel, people and culture. In addition, you can go where your heart leads you.

Dont forget to visit atleast one of these lovely places.

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