‘Click to pray’ With Pope Francis, A New Mobile App Launched In Vatican


Pope Francis unveiled ‘Click to Pray’ A new digital platform during his weekly Sunday public address, which includes an end-user phone app. The app will allow believers to pray with the head of the Roman Catholic Church who once acknowledged his own poor relationship with technology in real time.

Titled Worldwide Network of Prayer with the Pope, the platform was launched to the world and the tens of thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican on Sunday.

The network incorporates a phone app called Click to Pray, that tells subscribers what the Pope is praying for at any given moment so anyone of the estimated 1.3 billion Roman Catholics can join in. According to a Vatican statement, the Click to Pray app will allow the faithful to “accompany the pope in a mission of compassion for the world”.

“Did I do it?” the Pope asked after swiping a tablet to activate the app, to which the priest acknowledged assent.

Pope Francis once described himself as a “disaster” when it came to understanding and using technology, and turned to the assistance of tech-savvy priests for the ceremony.

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