Aliens were present, ‘Baptism of Christ’ Painting Proves


“Baptism of Christ” the 300-year-old painting is believed to prove that aliens were present at the baptism of Jesus Christ.

Aert De Gelder’s ‘Baptism of Christ’, painted in 1710, has caused hysteria among alien hunters as it appears to show a UFO above Christ.

In the painting, John the Baptist can be seen baptizing Christ at the River of Jordan in front of a huge crowd.

However, above the duo and the large crowd that gathered to witness the event, there is an object that looks like a spaceship, beaming light down.

The UFO looks like the sort of spaceships that are widely reported and circulated in current day, with conspiracists claiming it adds more fuel to the fire that aliens have been visiting Earth for centuries.

Sceptics will say that De Gelder was trying to capture the Bible verse of Matthew 3:16, which reads: “As soon as Jesus was baptised, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him.”

But alien hunters point to the fact that the sun in the painting looks like a metallic sphere.

This scene is particularly interesting because of the flying saucer hovering over the scene with beams of light shining down and illuminating the event.

“Considering De Gelder’s reputation as one of the elite artists of his time, it is likely this work was intended to be taken seriously and meant to communicate that Jesus had ties to aliens and perhaps was of alien origins.”

It adds: “As shocking as this seems, even more, shocking is that this work was made prior to the invention of flying and before any Roswell incident that ignited the string of UFO sightings that have in the twentieth century.

“Yet, this painting shows a UFO in exactly the same way as they have been photographed and drawn from eyewitness accounts throughout history, including sightings of the 21st century.”

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