“Ancient Aliens”, The Mystery And The Meaningful Philosophy


Millions of people around the world believe that we have been visited by the aliens in past, the extraterrestrial beings shaped our history. Many of the ancient architects, texts, methods and creatures bound us to believe that an advanced race has visited this planet and our Past, present, and future are defined, some believe that we are inside a matrix and everything is controlled and governed by an advanced race. Many religious texts also claim that above there somebody is governing us. Is it God, Alien Extraterristial or an advanced civilization there is no clear explanation for this but we have a meaningful philosophy to all this chaos.

Our Universe is possibly 13.7 billion years old and our evolution on Earth is supposed to be started 4 billion years back, So technically there is every possibility that the remaining 9 billion years have produced advanced civilizations that may have existed for billions of years. Since they were advance, their science and technology were far advanced than humans, they may have advanced space travel technologies, advanced communication technology, an immortal life or an advance warfare technologies. They have been viewed as God, Creator, Angels or superior race by the premodern humans. Maybe all our existing mythology is just a reflection or glimpse of past incidents, encounters or technology of an advanced civilization. All mythological creature is the reflection of those ancient creatures, who ruled the humans may be guided us to a predefined future or maybe the extinction of the human race is already defined.

Few Historical Reasons to Believe Ancient Aliens Existed


The great pyramid of Giza- The most advanced and mysterious historical marvels of our history are “the pyramids”. 471 feet tall, the Great Pyramid stood as the tallest structure in the world until the completion of the Eiffel Tower in 1889. But while other pyramids and temples contain walls filled with hieroglyphics, the Great Pyramid does have a single marking. The interior design of this pyramid is still unexplainable. Granite chambers, No hieroglyph, and narrow tunnels all are a mystery till now. Modern engineers claim that they cannot build the Giza again with all existing modern technologies. We even don’t know clearly whether its a temple or a graveyard or an enlighting chamber.


Vimana Shastra of India The flying machine described in 6000 BC ancient Sanskrit text as “Vimanas”. The text describes all the technicalities of Vimana from their metals, controls, power source, weapons, pilots, food and even their dresses. It is mentioned in the texts that those machines could be controlled mentally and the machines used a propulsion system based on a combination of gyroscopes, electricity, and mercury. The Vymaanika-Shaastra suggests vimanas were powered by several gyroscopes placed inside a sealed liquid mercury vortex. Mercury is the most mysterious existing metal. Studies by NASA found that mercury has a levitation effect if spun a bright light is produced.

The meaningful philosophy-

The Pyramid of Giza was the ‘Power Plant’, Yes we believe that it was a perpetual machine build by those advanced civilizations to produce and transmit power wirelessly. The interior design of the Great Pyramid features four inclined air shafts emanating from the king’s chamber and the lower queen’s chamber. A stone door blocked its path after 65 meters, a hole was then drilled through it. On the other side was a small room with yet another door leading further up the shaft. The walls of the queen’s chamber were coated with a layer of salt. Diluted hydrochloric acid came down from one shaft and hydrated Zinc came down from other shaft and both mixed together in queens chamber and produced Hydrogen, which is the most powerful source of energy. The hydrogen is then lighter than air and it will flow into all the upper chambers. The energy from the earth creates vibration. The vibrations are picked up in the Grand Gallery which works as a resonator. There is 27 pair of slots that actually go up the length of the gallery and then the resonators were mounted in there vertically. Then the pyramid shot a microwave out of one of the shafts, and once you started up this power plant, it keeps on running infinitely without stopping and creating the microwave.

This is quite similar to the failed attempts of the 20th century’s most influential inventor, a Serbian-American named Nikola Tesla who invented the alternate current and can be credited for many other scientific advances. He attempted to create a wireless electrical grid. If he would have succeeded we would have been these power towers around the world. There were a number of demonstrations of this device for wireless power transmission during Tesla’s lifetime. There is every possibility that the Great Pyramid was actually sending powerful microwave beams to an alien space station that was in orbit around the planet. The energy could have been used or may be transmitted back to earth at a different location or maybe to another planet.

Advanced civilization came to our galaxy as part of their space exploration, they came to Earth, explored it and build a network of the power plants as a power source for their mothership along with other mysterious creations. This is the only possible logic behind the NASA’s finding of Sphinx statue on Mars, maybe they find the similar structures on many other planets. They establish their power source on every Planet with supporting climate and transmitted the power to any desirable place, the sources stopped producing power due to some natural calamity. They ruled us and went away or they may be still ruling us and present inside the mysterious “black holes”. It’s quite similar to our present space missions. We are regularly exploring the possibility of life on other planets, we are finding new Earth-like exoplanets, we are trying to habitat the other planets. In near future maybe we will also try to put our industries and power plants on Mars or Moon or maybe some other planet quite similar to the actions of ancient aliens.

Similarly, Yes we believe that the ancient civilization was capable of travelling at very high speeds and vimana existed profoundly. We have had the mentions of flying machines in almost all the ancient texts in history. They mentioned Flying planes, Flying carpets, god’s flying chariot, Pushpak Viman, however irrespective of their mentions or believes the one thing which proves that ancient civilization had an advanced mode of worldwide or interstellar transportation is the similarity of ancient structures and beliefs found in different civilizations. We also found mysterious airport kind of structures at different strategical locations around the world be it the complex set of lines covering Peru’s Nazca plain or the mysterious plateau above Mexico or the chopped mountain of Monte Alban.

Also, we have some ancient maps like Mercator maps which show Antarctica in great detail hundreds of years before Antarctica was even discovered. How is it possible to map the world without the flying machines. The Hindu ancient texts also revealed that ancient extraterrestrial or god was capable of travelling at the speed of light. In the Book of Ezekiel, the prophet describes a flying chariot containing wheels within wheels and powered by angels. it could be another example of a prehistoric aircraft.

We have many other ancient unexplained mysteries like “The Arc of Mannah” and we are also exploring new mysterious things with the help of modern science and technology like the “The God particle”, The controversial Time travel, UFO and PlanetX are still a riddle to the human race. we will be travelling to other galaxies, maybe we will encounter another advanced or primitive civilization one day, We all are part of this universe, we have found the “God particle” and one day God planet will be discovered too but human race needs to first find the explanation to some serious subjects like “Origin and destiny of human race”, “Who created the Universe(stretching across 100 billion light years and populated with 2 trillion galaxies and unknown numbers of stars, planets, lifeforms, and black holes)” and “Our actual place in the Cosmos”.

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