Malaysian Immigration Officer Filmed Assaulting Foreigner


A Malaysian immigration officer has been caught on camera hitting a foreigner on the head. The Footage has gone viral on social media, prompting authorities to remove the concerned officer and launch an internal investigation.

The altercation happened Wednesday morning at the government office in the city of Johor Bahru. A short video clip shows the officer reach right across the counter and thumps the man on the head.

The officer is then seen putting the man’s hand on the scanner and slamming the counter several times. Johor Immigration Department released a public statement condemning the officer’s aggressive behavior and confirming he will face disciplinary action.

“The department will not compromise on its employees who violate the integrity to defame the reputation and image of the department and will not protect those who commit such offenses,” they said.”We have since removed the officer from the front desk,” Johor Immigration Department director Datuk Rohaizi Bahari said as reported by The Star Online.

The internal investigation is underway, and preliminary results suggest the assault happened when the client, believed to be from Myanmar, did not understand the instructions given by the officer, Malaysian news outlet Harian Metro reported.

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