Those Were The Best Days Of My Life


Whenever you find some relaxing moments after daily hustle & bustle, you remember the good moments in your past and instantly a smile came to your face, your heart fills with joy and happiness, good memories rejuvenate your body & soul.

The best moments of your life may be the days you spent with your grandma or maybe it’s your high school days or your graduation days, it may be the days with your first girlfriend or the day when you had your first baby, maybe your honeymoon or first job or first promotion. The moments may defer person to person but whatever is the reason the feeling remains the same. We cherish the old good memories.

Whenever life takes you down you feel sad or sometimes you are so fed up with your daily routine or sometimes you are alone and it seems nobody cares about you. You want to go back in life, you want to change something wrong happened in your past. you want your mojo back.

When we were kids we were free, we use to play, we used to laugh, we used to love but slowly we start ageing and forget the beauty of freedom, the feeling of love, the company of your friends, the joy in laughing till it pains. All we remember is to buy a big house, big car, perform well in office, impress the boss, paychecks, we run behind money, security, stability, emergency fund, real estate and many other materialistic things. Why don’t we ask our self Do we really need these things to be happy or it is just another possession to impress somebody around? What are our real duties? what are our real dreams?

Well we all know the answer but very few of us are lucky to take action and make a positive change in our life and subsequently to the people around us.

The best thing would be to go back and live those moments again but as the saying goes

“Today will never come again, Be a blessing, Be a friend, Encourage someone, Take time to care. Let your words heal, and not wound.”

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