Bob Lazar With Rare Photo Of Secret Hand Scanner


Bob Lazar, who exposed secret test site Area 51 to the attention of the general public making the headlines again this time he claims to have some hard evidence to prove his story. He managed to get a photo of a never seen before biometric scanner used to get into S-4 and measured the length of the bones in your hand.

Bob Lazar sparked an alien frenzy in 1989 by claiming to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4, near the Area 51 test facility, and that the UFOs use gravity wave propulsion. This is powered by the element 115(Moscovium, discovered later in 2003). He further claims to have read US government briefing documents that describe alien involvement in human affairs over the past 10,000 years. Lazar’s claims resulted in bringing the secret Area 51 site to the attention of the general public.

Lazar’s story garnered media attention and controversy, and has some supporters; however, the majority of scientific community remains skeptical. Lazar claims to have worked as a scientist “in the Meson Physics facility” at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has stated that his academic records were erased in an effort by the authorities to discredit his story.

Lazar claims to hold degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Investigations into his background could not find any records of Lazar ever having attended either institution.

Now with the help of documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, Lazar was able to tell his story again. They managed to find a rare photo from another top-secret programme run by the US government at the nearby Nellis Air Force Range. The images of the scanners used to get inside the building match Lazar’s description almost perfectly.

“I never thought I would see one of these again,” Lazar admitted after scanning the photo. ‘I tried to explain this to people so many times and they never believed me. “There it is a biometric scanner used to get into S-F and measured the length of the bones in your hand.”

The documentaryBob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying saucers” has already risen to number one in the iTunes charts. “My film gives you an understanding of the real Bob Lazar, which will make it harder to throw away his claims,” Corbell revealed. “The more you get to know Bob Lazar, the more you have to face the uncomfortable possibility that he’s telling you the truth. “You look at the evidence, you watch my film and you decide for yourself.”

It should be noted that Bob Lazar is not the only one who has talked openly about government cover-ups when it comes to aliens. Popular conspiracy theorists like Tyler Glockner have always raised their doubts about NASA’s involvement in the alien coverup, and to substantiate their theories, these conspiracy theorists have also released various strange clips that show UFOs hovering in the skies.

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