Doomsday Is Coming! Nibiru To Bring Apocalypse By Flipping Earth’s Magnetic Poles

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Nibiru or Planet X, has been a favorite of many conspiracy theorists for raising Apocalypse chaos that the approaching mystery planet will cause a massive increase in Earth’s gravity and bring about dangerous tidal abnormalities. Now the theorists are sure of the upcoming apocalypse as the magnetic field of Earth is showing some abnormal behavior in recent days.

Planet X will reverse the Earth’s magnetic poles and drastically change the way the planet looks like when it passes sometime soon, according to conspiracy theorist and doomsday preacher Gordon James Gianninoto. Notoriously a believer that the wayward mythical planet of Nibiru will suddenly appear in our solar system before flipping the Earth’s magnetic poles and unleashing wild gravity, he predicts that devastating earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis will be starting an apocalypse.

Gianninoto claimed that Planet X will not approach the Earth directly, it will strike from a distance of 24 million Km and it will take the planet an hour to wipe out 90 percent of mankind, the conspiracy theorist concluded in his hilariously dismal forecast.

“What’s gonna happen at first, is we’re going to have increasing earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal surges, bigger storms,” the preacher gushed, adding, “we’re going to have all kinds of things like that and the pace is going to pick up to the point where the governments cannot rescue anybody. You are on your own and you’re going to see that happen”.

There are many Conspiracy theories around the mysterious Nibiru have it that the mythical planet passes through our solar system on a long and elliptical orbit about every 3,600 years. NASA and the rest of the global scientific community have already dismissed all Nibiru-related claims as a hoax.

“Right before, when finally Planet X moves far enough away from the Sun that everyone on Earth looks up and goes ‘oh my God how could it have gotten there and they never told us? How? Who’s been lying to us?” he carried on, urging all within earshot to mark “that day” in calendars, since he estimated that a mere 49 days would be left until “a pole shift”, with seas expected to rise by up to 213 meters, minimum.

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