Hidden Apocalyptic Warning Discovered Incidentally With Google Translate


Some eagle-eyed internet users have incidentally discovered an apocalyptic warning hidden over the internet with the help of Google Translate. If you type ‘dog’ many times with space between into Google translate and translate from Maori, Hausa, and Yoruba to English then you surprisingly receive the message as “Doomsday Clock is three minutes at twelve We are experiencing characters and a dramatic developments in the world, which indicate that we are increasingly approaching the end times and Jesus return”.

Screenshots of the bizarre discovery have been shared on Reddit, making others fear for their lives or else frantically type “dog” into the online translator.

Also interestingly as if this wasn’t unsettling enough, someone then discovered that fiddling with the number of “dogs” made the Antichrist appear in the text.


Most people are suggesting it as a Google glitch, which is most likely due to a change made by Google Translate years ago when it started using a technique known as neural machine translation, according to Harvard University professor Alexander Rush, who spoke to Motherboard. Rush says the system can “hallucinate” when fed gibberish, and thus create strange results. But isnt it more then a hallucination because the message is quite elobarative and make sense.

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