Melania Trump Got Nervous After Handshake With Putin At Helsinki Summit

Melania-trump-got terrified-after-shaking-hand-with-putin-36903336

Melania Trump got little nervous by a handshake with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Helsinki Summit, according to some social media eagles who believe video footage clearly shows her facial expression during the introduction by President trump.

The US first lady was accompanying US President Donald Trump to Helsinki for a meeting with Putin and participated in some of the visit’s official events. The interesting event occurred when the presidential couple arrived at the Finnish Presidential Palace and met the Russian leader.

Hunting for Melania’s facial expressions and gestures during the couple’s official visits has been an all-time fun for some people, although they mostly focus on signs of possible marital problems. A professional model, she is no stranger to maintaining a public face for the camera lens and changing it when no longer the focus of attention.

If she is secretly terrified by Putin, Melania is a master of deception, having sat next to him at dinner while chatting during their previous meeting at a G20 summit. Some netizens believe Melania is actually a Russian spy. Putin said he has not tried to recruit the first lady.

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