Mosque Robbery In Kosovo During Eid Festival

Mosque Robbery In Kosovo During Eid Festival-3690418

A mosque in Kosovo is robbed by a young man, who broke into its donation box with a pickaxe during Eid celebrations. The Imam is asking the public for help in a bid to catch the robber.

The thief used the large tool to prize open a donations box in the Hatunije mosque in Pristina and rob the money that was left there during the Muslim festival.

Imam Ramadan Avdullahu shared video footage of the incident, which took place on Wednesday. The security camera footage shows a man, who is not wearing any shoes, using the tool to wrench the lock open. He then scrambles to gather money that has fallen out and fills his pockets with the contents of the box.

The imam urged his followers to share the video on social media as widely as possible in the hope of identifying the young man.

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