The Secret of Nazi Bell, famous as “Die Glocke” of Hitler


The mysterious ‘Nazi Bell’ known as ‘Die Glocke’, is said to have allowed the Third Reich to visit the Moon, Mars and even distant star systems by making use of an unexplainable, gravity-defying propulsion system. And it is claimed that the anti-gravity technology, allegedly captured and tested by the United States after the war, was the Nazi Bell, not ‘UFO’ people say they saw in the 1947 Roswell Incident.

Close to the Czech border, in the near distance to the Wenceslaus mine, in a German research facility for classified governmental research, the allegedly Die Glocke experiment was taking place. The description of the device was pretty precise, and picturing the image in your mind can only leave you even more curious and even scared.

This machine was believed to have great power. Descriptions state that the device was made of heavy metal, around 9 feet wide and up to 15 feet high and had a bell-like shape. The information states that the device had two counter-rotating cylinders, filled with mercury-like liquid and had a bluish color. The mercury-like liquid was referred to as “Xerum 25” and was stored in special flasks. Other liquids were added, such as light metal, with thorium and beryllium peroxides.

This device emitted strong and dangerous radiation, which often caused the scientists health problems. Scientists suffered from sleep deprivation, dizziness and some even died due to radiation poisoning. Witkowski speculates that the area around the Wenceslaus mine was used for testing Die Glocke and its anti-gravity powers. Many different proposals were made about the machines ultimate goal, all connected with generating phenomena. It was said that it can generate wormholes even.

Hitler is said to have ordered the development of the technology as part of a secret Nazi space programme.

Discussing the history behind the theory this week, John Goforth and Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 podcast said: “As the walls begin to close in Hitler puts even more resources into his Wunderwaffe or Wonder Weapons.


Physics has shown to us that traveling in the past is very difficult, and there is a paradox known for that specific type of time travel called the “Grandfather Paradox”. What this paradox means is that if we traveled back in time and killed our grandfather, our father wouldn’t be born and we would never be born. There is also a quantum physics theory that is called Many-Worlds, and it states that every conceivable timeline exists in separate parallel worlds, and is equally as the world we inhabit.

On the other hand, wormholes are tunnels made out of space-time fabric that connects very far distances in space in a much shorter distance. Space-time fabric was proposed by Einstein back in the days (1915 to be exact), so the Nazi’s had a pretty good view on space.

Wormholes exist naturally and theoretical physicist John Weeler said it’s possible wormholes to appear spontaneously anywhere and to suddenly disappear, and he has a hypothesis called “quantum foam hypothesis” backing it up.

After the Third Reich was defeated, the top-secret technology was allegedly captured by the US. The US military has always insisted the incident in New Mexico was simply a crashed weather balloon.

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