Naughty Nerd Designs Robot That Tells Real Boobs From Fake In Just a Single Touch

real or fake silicon breasts

A group of Russian students has designed an android robot whose only task is to identify real or fake women’s breasts by touching them. The robot is also capable of reading biometric parameters such as symmetricity, elasticity, and flexibility, as one of the future scientists boasts in the footage.

“Please undress. It’s going to be a bit cold, but it’s for science,” a young nerdy-looking robotics engineer from Kazan Federal University tells a female test subject. The girl then bravely offers her breasts to the machine, which according to the developers, needs just a single touch to determine if it’s real or an implant. Surely, a task no human can ever accomplish!

However, many online commentators pointed out that the students behind the project seemed more interested in their topless assistant than in the performance of their robot-mammologist.

“Cheeky nerds,” one of the Instagram users exclaimed. “One can go to great length to see a pair of boobs,” agreed another. “They can barely hold their smiles of happiness,” a fellow commentator said. “Press ‘like’ if you’re already applying for a vacancy there.”

The Footage is going viral and the fear that Robots will someday take all the best jobs from humans seems to be realized soon.

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